A baking kit box full of simple, high-quality ingredients to help your kids bake... and bake... and BADA-BING they are off their iPads! A welcome addition to any kid-friendly kitchen, the Mini Mitts Club is a monthly baking kit subscription that allows children to create the most delicious-looking treats just like at their favorite corner neighborhood bakery.   Why not save some dough by joining the Mini Mitt Club with a 6 Month Pack Plan? With the 6 Month Pack, you'll be saving 30% on every kit plus Free Shipping. You'll jump right in on the club, joining the other bakers with the current month's kit. Your first kit will ship within 2-3 business days and then follow the club schedule with boxes shipping out beginning on the 14th of each month.    Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term on the date you joined. You can always log in to skip a shipment or cancel a renewal. We also offer Month to Month and 3-month packs. All club subscriptions make excellent gifts for the little baking kiddo in your life.   Bake with the Mini Mitt Club across the seasons! 







Why You'll Love Our

Premium baking Kits

It's not a $4.99 box for a reason...
  • Fun Extra Tools
  • Large Color Pods 
  • Awesome Themed Sprinkle Mixes
  • 2x Dry Ingredients 
  • Giftable Box
  • High Quality Instructions

Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

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What is in a Mini Mitts baking kit?

Every baking kit offers a fun detailed recipe instruction guide and includes everything you'll need to make that item, with the exception of pantry staple wet ingredients such as eggs, milk, and butter if required. Step-by-step instructions help you and/or your kiddo perform every step of the recipe. Pre-measured ingredients and a grocery list of items make it easy to ensure that your baked goods turn out as intended. No guessing as to measurements or how many of each ingredient is needed. It's all there, ready to mix and bake. 
Do I need any other supplies to use a Mini Mitts kit?

Typically you will need standard staple baking items such as bowls, whisks, and spatulas. 
How long does it take to make a recipe from a Mini Mitts kit?

Our baking activities are typically designed to last about 1 hour. 
What age group is a Mini Mitts kit suitable for?

Mini Mitts Kits are great for kids aged 4-12 but baking lovers of all ages can jump in and have fun too
How many people does a Mini Mitts kit serve
Our kits are usually fun for about 2 people to share the work and typically nets between 2 super hungry to 12 not so hungry kiddos.